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I’m a writer, editor, and teacher, and I enjoy connecting with readers and other writers. I grew up in Arkansas and am a long-time resident of Alabama, and in November 2017 I was commissioned Alabama Poet Laureate, for a four-year term. My latest book is a poetry chapbook, "Borrowed Light," and my current writing project is a biography of the writer Sara Mayfield. I call this blog "A Map of the World" because I think that, as writers, we each map our own lives, imaginations, and world. Welcome to my particular map!

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Bottle Tree arrives!

Yesterday was a red-letter day--a big box bearing my copies of Bottle Tree arrived at the door. I was tempted to hug the UPS guy but restrained myself. (Is this common among authors receiving their books?) By the way, here's where the phrase "red-letter," meaning "memorably happy," comes from: "the practice of marking in red the holy days in church calendars" (American Heritage Dictionary). Well, here's to a memorably happy day!


  1. Great review by Kathleen Thompson in Alabama Writers Forum. Congratulations Jennifer!

  2. I just finished the thirteenth "bottle," and what an experience! You found words that express all of my mixed and chaotic thoughts/feelings about being Southern. A truly cathartic experience to travel that maze with you.


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